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Epic MRA


EPIC ▪ MRA is a full service survey research firm with expertise in:


  • Public Opinion Surveys - Market Research Studies
  • Live Telephone Surveys; On-Line and Automated Surveys
  • Focus Group Research
  • Bond Proposals - Millage Campaigns
  • Political Campaigns & Consulting
  • Ballot Proposals - Issue Advocacy Research
  • Community - Media Relations
  • Issue - Image Management
  • Database Development & List Management


Our philosophy is simple - to provide our clients with meaningful, understandable, and useable information.  We write our reports in plain English, not fancy jargon, and provide our clients with comprehensive research reports that include a concise executive summary, clear graphics and data tables for an in-depth analysis of our research findings.

Our company has a proven track record of producing accurate and useful research data based upon public perceptions and opinion.  We will work closely with you to design a study that meets your research objectives and complete it in a timely, professional manner.